Better known as flat iron, the hair plates are excellent devices for straightening the hair, being daily companions of several women,for several reasons. What happens, however, is that the various oils and products that we use in our hair eventually accumulate and dirty the appliance's plates. To get more tips, please read: how to clean a straightener

In addition to the “ugly” appearance of dirt, this accumulation of residues can cause serious damage to your hair and, therefore,keeping the equipment clean is essential to ensure not only the health of your hair, but also the life of your board .

Thinking about it, we separated a step-by-step of how this cleaning should be done. Want to take a look? Check it out below.

1. Spray water on a completely clean towel, until it is very moist;

2. turn on your board, and let it warm up for about3 minutes;

3. unplug the board, and wipe the damp towel with force to remove the residue;

4. turn the board on again, so that the remaining moisture in the equipment evaporates with the heat;

5. ready! Your board is clean and ready to use again!

If, after this simple procedure for cleaning your equipment,it still has stains and dirt impregnated, a new procedure will be necessary. We have separated 2 options for you, see below.

Cotton and alcohol

With the hair board completely cold, soak some cotton ball sin the alcohol. Rub the cotton firmly on the "blades" of your board for good cleaning, in the corners, use the aid of a cotton swab. Finally, use a clean cloth moistened with water to clean the board again.

Bicarbonate paste and hydrogen peroxide

In a small ovenproof dish, pour about ¼ cup of baking soda.Then add hydrogen peroxide until the mixture becomes a paste. Apply this pastern your board with your fingers, and rub until the build-up impregnated with hair products comes out completely.

With these procedures, your flat iron should be clean as new, guaranteeing a good functioning and perfect health for your hair. It is also worth remembering some important warnings before starting cleaning:

· If your board smells like burning while it heat sup, or during use, it's time to clean it up;

· keep your equipment away from liquids and never sink it in water;

· never apply alcohol with the flat iron plugged in or very hot. This is very dangerous, as alcohol can catch fire;

· do not use cleaning products on the blades of your board, they can damage the lining of the boards;

· avoid rubbing too hard, this can scratch your equipment and impair its use.

Now that you know how to keep your flat iron clean and ready to use, how about sharing these tips with your friends on social media? We are sure that they will also love to know how to keep their curling iron for longer, and in addition to guarantee even healthier hair!